For those searching for a real-time strategy World War mobile game in a real-world setting, look no further than SIEGE: World War II. Deploy your own armies against those of opposing players and coordinate superior strategies to emerge victorious.

Ever thought you might be harbouring the skills of a WWII general? SIEGE is a World War mobile game where victory relies heavily on your strategies and ability to plan ahead. Augment your skills, diversify your tactics and bolster your arsenal with a card-collection system. Then, unleash your strategies upon the enemy to earn prestige among the growing player-base.

In a purely-PvP setting, the challenge is significant - only the best of the best have a chance of jumping ahead. Luckily, you have your allies to help you. Join up with friends to optimise your decks, boost your experience, and seize the upper hand. Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget: it’s not the size of the gun, it’s how you use it that counts.

Key Features

Card Collection System - Collect and upgrade the cards that comprise your army and tactics in each skirmish, such as Pillbox and Radio Operator. Build the best deck and plan your strategies accordingly to ensure the upper hand against your enemy. Players are not constrained to a single deck, so build multiple iterations with distinct strategies to cater for every eventuality.

Pure PvP Gameplay Leaderboard - Each battle pits you against players from around the world, so perfecting your deck is key. Join a global leaderboard which refreshes with each season, constantly allowing you the chance to flaunt your skills and show-off your glory. Play your cards right and you can earn victory over opponents with superior units and climb your way up the board.

Join Clans To Maximise Your Potential - You’re not alone, soldier! Join up with a clan to gain mutual benefits. All clan members can request a card daily, adding a reward to the system that you can immediately start reaping. Players can also gift their cards to other clan members to earn gold and XP allowing them to start climbing tiers while optimising the loot gained from reward boxes.