Siegefall is a free to play MMO strategy combat game for mobile devices which lets you build an army and lead it into intense and fun PvP battles. You build your own ultimate army with powerful Heroes, loyal Troops, mysterious Spirits, and many other unit types. Then, you bolster your forces through the addition of potent Battle Cards, and get into the fight. Strategic planning before the battle and tactical decisions during the battle are critical, and a mistake can cost you the fight. Fight against millions of players from all around the world, make choices with foresight and wisdom, and become a powerful King!

Siegefall Key Features

Build Your Kingdom - Build mines, mills, and more to keep your kingdom and your troops well supplied. Do not forget to build defense towers, traps, and other structures to defend your castle!

Forge Your Army - Build an army of Troops, Spirits, and other units. Select heroes to lead your army in battle. Forge powerful Battle Cards to summon dragons, heal your army, and more. Timing and army composition are everything!

Engage In Duels - Fight against other players from all around the world. Attack or defend during live games, outsmart your enemy, attack their castes, claim their resources, and reign supreme over the battlefield!

Join A Clan - Join a clan of other players, or forge your own. Clans can work together to complete special raids and defeat enemy clans, share strategies and tactics, and much more. After all, it's an MMO game; play together!