Siegelord is a browser-based medieval fantasy strategy MMO with an emphasis on epic strategy and empire building and conflict between rival kingdoms.The world has fallen into chaos, and foes from every side covet the wealth and lands of your homeland. You must balance your resources, manage your forces, and prepare to stand fast against your enemies. When combat comes, your tactics, your weapons, and your technology level will all be of critical importance. Through tactics and strength, you can unite the Empire under a single banner! Choose your faction and destroy your rivals to take control!

Siegelord Key Features

Epic Forces - Defeat legendary heroes with special abilities, and recruit them to lead your armies.

To Be A King - Put down rebellious uprisings and repel enemy invaders from the walls of your Kingdom!

Gameplay That Matters - Recover ancient relics of power, and crush your foes by Completing story quests!

Forge Alliances - Form coalitions with other players. Fight together with your team members to control during Faction Wars!

From The Forge - Craft weapons with extraordinary abilities, then use them to give your generals to wield greater power!

Three Factions - Join the Kingdom of Albion, The Empire of Gorm or the Nords Alliance, and fight to conquer the world for your people.

Deep Combat System - Use both strategic management of forces and combat tactics to crush your enemies!