Sigils: Battle for Raios is a free to play MOBA RPG that brings real time combat to mobile devices alongside atmospheric graphics and an enthralling story. Players wake up to find themselves in a strange and shattered world: Raios is in pieces. Its people live in fear, terrorized by the moth queen, Xestia, and her brood. Strategic skill and a flair for combat are required in the battle to break her reign of horrors.

To help you face up to this epic challenge players choose from a plentiful supply of collectible champions from five different factions, each has various skills, play styles and background stories. With every victory you loot valuable rewards.

Sigils: Battle for Raios Key Features

RPG Meets MOBA - Start out with one Champion and collect more as you play. Each Champion has unique skills that you can customise to fit your style of play.

Engage In Epic Team Battles - Team up with your friends and fight through the Deadlands of Raios to defeat the Moth Queen’s brood.

PvP System - Test your skills in real time battles against other players and compete for honour and glory.

Play Everywhere - An internet connection is all you need to join the battle – whether at work, with a coffee or simply on your couch at home.

Free To Play - Download Sigils for free! In-App purchases are offered to enhance your gameplay experience.

PvP And PvP Gameplay - Alongside challenging battles in PvE team mode, Sigils – Battle for Raios also offers a sophisticated PvP system!