SKARA is an action packed multi-player cross-platform video game designed to attract a real-time fighting community of adventurous players. It provides a new combat system that gives the user complete control over the actions of his character. Skara is about skill, timing, accuracy and practice. As in a Versus, knowing your combos and the best moment to use them is crucial to survival in our arenas. Dodge, counter-attack and execute your enemies with spectacular fatalities. But watch your back, you could be surrounded by enemies. Band with your friends and capture strategic places to conquer the arenas and defeat the rival factions. The best players will be honored as Heroes of Skara.

Skara Key Features

Five Races - Choose one of Skara’s “races”each with their unique weapons and fighting style. Choose how your character looks, from their armor to their fighting style.

Game modes - There’s not always time to play for hours on end. Players can open Skara for a five minute skirmish or several hour long faction battles. Game Modes will include Free-for-all, Team Deathmatch, Siege, Kill the King, Dominion or Capture the flag.

Arenas - is comprised of arenas, which players enter into to fight. Certain game modes allow for factions to fight to dominate arenas as territory. This will be charted on our interactive map.

Fatalities - Customizes the way enemies are dispatched with spectacular fatalities. Watch your enemy meet their maker with panache!

Factions - Ruling Skara requires teamwork. Band together with players from a similar “race” and fight with other groups to dominate the map. Members of the same faction can perform special combined attacks called Team Actions. Well coordinated teams will have more chances to win a battle than a bunch of uncoordinated fighters.