Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise is an addictive free to play casual farming MMO for mobile devices. Join this fantastic world of fairy tales with amazing characters where you will become a fantasy gardener above the clouds. Raise a garden of flowers, harvest your crops, grow amazing plants in unique pots, and explore the wonderful world of Skyland! Are you ready for a new adventure?

Red and Jack were close friends, sharing the same passion for flowers. One day, the Wolf of the neighborhood tried to steal their flowers at night and got caught. The Wolf offered some magic beans and magic potions for liberation. Followed his instruction, the couple grew a giant beanstalk which reached all the way to Skyland! Thus began the story of Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise. Let's go now, and don't forget to share your wonderful garden with all of your friends!

Sky Garden: Farm In Paradise Key Features

Powerful Pots - Your plants grow in pots. Pots are beautiful yet powerful, collectible and upgradable! You can trade extra pots with your neighbors in the township market.

Plentiful Plants - Choose flowers from Sunflowers to daisies, fruits from Apples to Lemons to Kiwis, and more unusual crops, such as Hay and Cotton. Grow them all in your own Sky Garden!

Missions - Craft juice, fabrics, gemstones, and more, then deliver them across always-hungry towns for your rewards.

Trading And Ordering - Exchange flowering plants, juices, fabric, etc with friends through your in-house shop, or take your products down to the farmer's market.

Play Together - Help your friends maintain their farms. Catch fireflies together to upgrade your pots. Farming is definitely easier with friends!

Clean Up - Sweep up and search for items to summon the Mole. He can dig deep in the ground for you, and help you find the rarest of items!

Join A Guild - Form a guild, or join one, and play together with people around the world. Chat, share, hang out, or even host a Harvest Festival.