Sky Noon is a multiplayer first-person shooter set in a fantastic version of the American Old West, where players step into the spur-heeled boots of gunfighters, battling it out among the clouds! Sky Noon features an unusual twist on the typical shooter, however; these guns aren’t equipped with bullets! They all hold powerful rounds of compressed air bursts perfectly suitable for blasting opponents off the floating islands! Grappling hooks, lassos, and other items thus become literal lifelines, as they can keep you from falling. Insane weapons, steam-powered jetpacks, teleporters, jump pads, and many other insane items await, all ready to be used to blast your opponents out of their boots.

Sky Noon Key Features

Multiplayer Fun - 2-8 players can jump into multiple game modes including Free For All, Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and more complete with online stat tracking.

Fantastic Wild West - Stricken by drought, the lands of the Old West became uninhabitable, so mankind took to the skies! Now, rival factions fight for control of the sky - and you fight with them.

Up And Away - From teleporters and jump pads to get you where you're going to grappling hooks and lassos to help keep you there, Sky Noon has lots of ways to travel through the wild blue and gain the edge!

Blast Your Opponents - Make use of weapons and devices powered by super-compressed air to fling opponents off levels — knock them varmints straight to the moon!