Skyrama is a free to play browser-based airport simulation that places you in control of your own airport and fleet of aircraft. Join the non-stop hustle and bustle of the airport: Watch planes take off and land, baggage handlers load and unload luggage from planes and ground staff direct planes around Build up your airport from a small landing strip into a major international hub as you dispatch planes around the world, managing every aspect of running a busy airport. In one of the best free games around, send your planes off to the far corners of the globe – including your friend’s airports, as you handle baggage, manage your duty-free stocks with exotic imported goods and build up an airport empire.

Skyrama Key Features

Manage Your Fleet - Choose from a selection of passenger and cargo planes, helicopters and sea planes, adding more runways to cope with demand and more aircraft to cope with increased traffic.

Build Your Airport - Managing and decorating your airport buildings to attract more and more passengers is all part of the fun. Add duty free shops to attract even more passengers, and sell them goods from all around the world!

Airport Fun - Sometimes it's fun just to watch all the people and planes do their thing. Watch passengers and crew go about their day as aircraft come and go.