SkySaga is a free-to-play original, endlessly evolving, multi-player, online, voxel-based, ‘sandbox’ game. It's the true journey for heroes with endless horizons, building and crafting. Find treasures and defeat enemies alone or as a team. Achieve victory in quests and PvP. A true hero isn't defined simply by one aspect, nor are they bound by others' expectations, only their own imagination, desire, and drive. In SkySaga you create and follow your own path to success, combining skills and tools to suit your needs. Every action you take defines you - the way you look, the tools and weapons you make, your home island, and the challenges you overcome. Each goal reflects your personality, your accomplishments, your skills, and your determination. Become the hero you want to be in SkySaga.

NOTE: Development on SkySaga was cancelled before the game ever went live. It is unknown if development will ever be resumed.

SkySaga Key Features

Explore the World - Go on a journey beyond your wildest imagination and come across desserts, beautiful mountains, hidden valleys and tropical forests.

Fight Like a Hero - Your choices, your destiny, you are the commander of your story. Be a lone wolf and adventure by yourself or team-up with your fellow heroes.

Be the Champion - Fight against other players in arena battles. Can you come out on top and get all of the bragging rights and glory?

Build Your Dreams, Create Your Future - You can influence the world with your creativity. Create weapons, buildings and armor. Harvest food, modify tools or assemble devices.