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Slingshot Braves

Slingshot Braves is an immersive mobile fantasy MMORPG for both iOS and Android that lets you become an adventurer in search of the legendary demon-slaying Slingshot. Slingshot Braves is designed to be fun and light; the controls are so simple, you only need a single finger to play, making it the perfect game for people on the go. You can play with the display vertical or horizontal, whichever you prever, and master the art of bouncing off of walls and even your allies to create powerful combos to deliver massive damage and defeat your opponents! 

Slingshot Braves Key Features

Become The Projectile – Slingshot Braves is aptly named; you take aim, pull your character back, and let them fly. Predict your opponent’s movements, bounce off of walls to strike them, and even make combos with your allies and teammates to deliver extra powerful attacks!

A Game For People Who Love Games – Develop your strategy and enjoy the full 3d battles in real time with your friends. With intense multiplayer battles, a mysterious land to explore, and demons to hunt, Slingshot Braves provides a fun, accessible game that’s easy to play and easy to enjoy.

Get The Gear – Let’s face it, one of the coolest parts of any MMORPG is getting new gear, and you’ll find loads of new gear here! There are over 200 items in the game to use to create and upgrade armor and weapons!

Slingshot Braves Screenshot Attack

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