is a free to play snake simulation game for mobile devices and PC browser, where you play against players from around the world and try to become the biggest snake! To grow, you must eat, but watch out... other snakes will eat you if they have a chance! If your head touches another snake, you explode, and the snakes nearby can eat your remains and grow more. However, there is more at stake here than just size; the teeniest, tiniest snakes can still have a chance, if they're clever and nimble. Swerve in front of a bigger snake at just the right time, and you could be eating them! Do you have the wits and skill to grow to be the biggest snake, or will you wind up as snake food? Key Features

Slithery Strategy - The controls are easy to learn, but that doesn't mean mastery of is simple! Size matters, but it isn't everything; even the teeniest snake can get the biggest with a well timed turn and burst of speed!

Customize Your Snake - Many custom skins can be added, personalizing your snake! A custom skin won't make your snake faster or tougher, but can certainly make it more fun and memorable!

Grow The Biggest! - This simple and fun game can be played anytime, anywhere, but the ultimate prize is a big one; if your snake is the biggest at the end of a day, you get to leave a message for the entire world to see!