Smash And Grab, also written SMASH+GRAB, is a competitive team-based online fighter where every player builds a team of five fighters and then battles against other teams. Those teams battle it out in an underground competition for loot, weapons, and infamy. The world around you has become a corporate urban dystopia, and the only way out for many folks is by fighting for it! Assemble your crew and team up with other players to fight, loot, and craft your weaponry to come out on top. A fast-paced mix of melee and ranged third-person fighting, Smash And Grab offers a fresh new take on competitive multiplayer action! Assemble your crew. Smash it up. Grab what you can!

Smash And Grab Key Features

Assemble Your Crew - Build A Gang For Any Situation; each player leads a gang of five: A leader, a lieutenant, and 3 soldiers. Choose from a selection of melee and ranged characters. Combine abilities with your gang and teammates for deadly strategy. Level up characters to unlock hundreds of perks and clothing items!

Smash It Up - Fight against and alongside players and their AI-controlled gangs! Use strikes, grapples, counters, evades, and brutal finishers. Each leader has unique combat moves and abilities, and all gang members have their own distinct AI personalities that can be influenced by the leader.

Grab What You Can - Fight, loot, and craft your way to victory! Everything you need to win can be found by looting and taking down enemies. Loot a variety of weapons to upgrade your gang. Craft unique & deadly weapon mods from the ingredients you loot; the first team to reach the cash target wins!