SMITE Rivals is a free to play MOBA-like Collectible Card Arena and strategy game for mobile and PC from Hi-Rez Studios, the creative firm behind the smash hit SMITE. The immensely popular Battleground of the Gods is more adorable than ever in SMITE Rivals! Build a deck of Gods, Minions, Structures, and Spells, then bring your cards to life by dragging them into a three-lane battlefield! Are you godly enough to defeat your opponent in this real-time multiplayer brawl? Or will you fall by the wayside and be forgotten? Take control of your favorite deities, build a deck full of tricks, minions, and spells, and go toe to toe with players around the world!

NOTE: SMITE Rivals went through numerous incarnations to eventually become Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics.

SMITE Rivals Key Features

Rule The Gods - SMITE Rivals allows you to build a team of deities from all across the world's different mythoi. Who will your favorites be?

Free To Play - Enjoy the action for free; the game doesn't cost a dime to play. Download the game and go, anytime, anywhere, on your favorite mobile device! The game is also available for PC through Steam.

Content And Rewards - Earn special rewards for completing challenges. Collect a wide array of gods and skins. SMITE Rivals has lots to see and do!