Soldiers Inc is a Browser-based MMORTS by Plarium. Hired by a black ops organization known only as “The Syndicate”, your job as a Commander in the war-torn state of Zandia is to develop your Base and Army into one powerful enough to hold influence over massive international military corporations and make your client rich. Foreign powers, multinational companies and shadowy criminal organizations are all scrambling to establish their claim in the largest mineral find of the century. Your Base will be your source of wealth and Resources, the heart of your Army and the hub of your ever-growing domain. As a Commander, you must develop your Base, defend it from opposing forces and exert your strength over your rivals if you wish to come out on top. Diplomatic superiority, trading, forming alliances with other Commanders, or taking what you want by force ‒ how you choose to complete your mission is entirely up to you!

Soldiers Inc Key Features:

Intense RTS Action - Manage your entire domain in real time, from your economy to your military.

Deep Strategy Elements - Manage your domain, your resource production, your research, your diplomatic relations, and more.

Establish Contracts - The best war is the one you never need to fight. Establish profitable alliances with others.

Build A Base, Overthrow Your Enemies - Get ready for combat; no amount of diplomacy can prevent every war. Fight to win!