SolForge is a free-to-play, digital collectible card game in which players get to construct their own decks and challenge their friends, or battle against a computer. Though still in open beta and part of the Early Access program on Steam, it already features deckbuilding, collection management, online play, AI opponents, tournaments, drafts, and more. Customize your decks with cards that you earn by simply playing the game or purchasing them from the store. Solforge features all of the strategy and tactics of a full-fledged CCG, including a single-player campaign mode, co-operative raids, and much more. SolForge has been specifically designed for the digital space and has smooth gameplay and an intuitive interface.

Unlike most other CCGs, SolForge's core mechanic focus is leveling. Whenever you play a card, that card levels up into a new, more powerful version than it was before. As the game progresses, you will level up and gain access to more powerful, higher level cards. Some cards may start off weak and level up into massive powerhouses, while others start off strong and don't necessarily improve a lot as they level. This results in tough strategic and tactical choices that will challenge even the most season gaming veterans.

SolForge Key Features

Multiple Levels of Difficulty - Whether you're new to the game or are already a pro; there's something for everyone as you can challenge your friends or play against AI opponents. SolForge is simple to learn, but very difficult to master, so there's always a new challenge.

Leveling Mechanic - Not only do you have an amazing card to start with, it evolves as you level up and progress through a game. Make strategic choices by playing less powerful minions that transform into more powerful ones as they level up.

Deck Customization - Build your own decks that are unique from any other deck. Catch your opponent off guard with innovative choices.