Solstice Chronicles M.I.A. is a 4-player local coop action top down shooter with strategy elements, and is a spin-off of the popular science fiction strategy game, the Red Solstice. Developed by Ironward Studio, It also features an in depth single-player story mode, so players can explore, fight, and play anytime, whether or not their friends are about! Earth has become uninhabitable, so mankind has set off for the next best planet in the solar system; Mars. However, on your trip to Mars, you are no idle bystander; players can interact and influence the environment in a number of ways, with perhaps the most interesting being that players can control the difficulty of the levels themselves! Explore, overcome, survive, and, more than anything else, influence the environment!

Solstice Chronicles M.I.A. Key Features

Diverse Characters - Choose from four different character classes, each with unique and versatile skill trees, and create the character who suits you best! Work with your friends and create your perfect team, and defeat all the challenges Mars can throw at you.

Hardcore Action Combat - You move slower when aiming, you must use cover and tactics to overcome the waves of enemies, and friendly fire is always on, so you must beware what you shoot at!

Interact With The Environment - Close spawn points to slow the advance of your enemies, hide from enemy sniper fire behind barricades, and above all else, use your drone!

Multipurpose Drone - Every player's battlesuit is equipped with a versatile remote control drone. Send your drone to scout for items like ammo and health packs, use it to lure enemies away, stun particularly powerful enemies, and even use it to transport a bomb to destroy a big clump of bad guys!

Single Or Multi-Player - Play alone, or team up with up to four friends, and stand fast! In Solstice Chronicles M.I.A., Mars is humanity's last hope; you must defend yourselves and your friends!