Soul Calibur Online, also widely known as simply Soul Calibur, is a free to play MMOARPG based on the classic Soul Calibur fighting game. The game’s world is large and open, and players can explore it as they play through an epic storyline, meeting new characters and encountering tough foes on the way. Players can join a clan, collect resources to forge legendary gear, team up with friends to face powerful monsters, and more. If you're a fan of the Soul Calibur storyline, or simply of Asian MMOARPGs in general, maybe give Soul Calibur Online a try!

Soul Calibur Online Key Features

Explore The Land - Explore the wide open world and discover its places and meet its people. An epic storyline unfolds as you quest and adventure! With every battle and quest, your character grows in power, too.

Forge The Gear - Like many Asian MMORPGs, Soul Calibur Online places a lot of emphasis on gear advancement. You can harvest resources to craft epic gear, and further enhance it with inscriptions, consecrations, and other power-ups.

Join A Clan - Players can join one of three different clans; Schwarzwind, Bird of Passage, or Fygul Cestemus. Players will fill all roles within the clan, and player donations to the clan are required to help the clan grow. These donations are rewarded with epic gear and other items!