Soul Saver Online is a free to play browser-based fantasy 2D action MMORPG, previously known as Ghost Online. Team up with your friends and save the world from the escaped spirits together! During historical times, wickedness seeped into the populace, wickedness so foul that their spirits would not depart the world following death. These evil spirits caused further evil, and the world seemed doomed. Heroes arose, however, and began to fight to take the world back. You must now follow in the footsteps of those early heroes! Can you team up with friends old and new to save the world from this darkness?

Soul Saver Online Key Features

Online Action - Go on quests and seek out adventure, right in your computer's browser! The more you explore, the more your character will advance, and the greater the treasures you will find!

Equipment Abounds - The better your gear, the better you will do, and there is no shortage of equipment to be found! Explore the deepest places and face the toughest challenges for the best items.

Choose Your Job - Your class, known as your "job", will shape your advancement in Soul Saver. Will you be a cunning archer, a skilled fighter, or a mysterious magic user?