Soul Seeker: Six Knights is a fantasy strategy RPG for iOS and Android where you assemble a team of six heroes and lead them in a quest to save the world of Hermes. You must build a team of six heroes from a roster of more than 150 unique heroes, join the Sixth Order, battle evil and find the Soulstones to save Hermes - easy, right? Only the Soulstones can save the world, and it is up to you to find all of them. With fun team-based strategic battles, loads of adventure and excitement, all packed into a mobile game with delightful graphics, Soul Seeker: Six Knights is a fun fantasy adventure for all!

Soul Seeker: Six Knights Key Features

Build Your Team - Collect more than 150 different heroes and use them to assemble a team of 6. Your team will have 3 main heroes and 3 support heroes, offering loads of strategic depth and options.

Strategic Gameplay - Bind two or three of your heroes together to unlock powerful new abilities. Use your heroes' special attributes of Fire, Water, Air, Light, and Dark, to defeat your enemies. Grow in power with every battle!

Multiple Modes - You can play through a single player, JRPG mode, meeting heroes and exploring the world. You can take on tough world bosses in other PvE Modes. You can even enter the PvP arena and test your mettle.