Soulmaster is a free to play, browser based fantasy MMORTS, developed by NPluto and published by Gamigo, which delivers a unique blend of real-time strategy (RTS) and standard RPG themes. Soulmaster features "hero units", persistent, powerful, and customizable characters which the player can take direct, MMORPG-like control over, going on quests and engaging in battles. Players can also participate in more usual strategy game activities, such as researching new types of weapons and technology, building structures and bases, and producing and commanding your units, just as one might in a standard RTS. Delivering fast paced combat with the action and fun of a character based brawler but the tactical depth of a squad based RTS, Soulmaster merges both genres into a brand new, fun filled package!

Soulmaster Key Features

Non-Target Combat System - Soulmaster uses a non target based combat system which requires players be more involved in combat, but which also delivers a more action packed, fast paced experience; player reactions and skills decide the outcome of fights.

Item Customization - An extensive range of item customization is possible, changing a piece of equipment's stats and effects. These items impact both the RTS and RPG parts of gameplay, and add an additional layer of depth and strategy to the game.

Action Driven RTS - Players must build structures, manage resources, and control their units; however, the tech trees and resource management mechanics are somewhat simplified compared to many strategy games, with the focus in Soulmaster being the gameplay and combat.