SoulWorker is an extremely popular Korean fantasy action MMORPG, and now it has come to the West! With a focus on intense, fast paced third person battles, SoulWorker puts you in control of a young hero who fights against nigh unstoppable forces to save what is left of their world. These young heroes have the ability to unleash powerful attacks and abilities that are fueled by intense emotions, with the particular emotion used differing from character to character. Whether fueled by revenge or madness, one thing is certain; these young heroes, these Soul Workers, have it in their power to save what is left of their post-apocalyptic world. Can you help them do it?

SoulWorker Key Features

Beautiful Cinematic Story - Beautiful cell shading type animation, engaging anime-themed characters, cinematic cutscenes, and breathtaking music immerse you in the story.

Four Classes - Players can choose from four emotion fueled classes; Soulum Sword, Mist Scythe, Gun Jazz, and Howling Guitar, each with distinctive abilities and playstyles. Which path will you take?

PvP and PvE Content - Explore over 100 mysterious dungeons and learn the story of this mysterious world, or step into the PvP arena for extra thrills. Watch out for the boss monsters in the PvP arena!

True MMORPG - From crafting items from blueprints to decorating player housing to joining player guilds, SoulWorker is a complete MMORPG experience. What activities will you focus on?