Space Junkies is an intense VR Arcade-style shooter where you fly and fight in extreme battles within orbital combat arenas in hostile space. Step into the shoes of a jetpack-wearing, gun-toting fighter in full virtual reality, and step into the life or death world inside the Dirty Bowl. Within this sci-fi battlefield, you will fight in intense 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 battles against other players from all around the world. Death comes hard and fast within these orbital arenas - known as "Orenas" - designed to provide thrills and kills. With full control over your own body, you will use your actual hands and movements to fight and fly. Space Junkies delivers a VR shooter experience not to be missed!

Space Junkies Key Features

Full VR Movement - You have full 360 degree movement through space as you fly, dodge, jump, and dive through the battlefield. Situational awareness is absolutely critical to success; you must look around, but also above and below; death can come from any angle!

Intense Combat - Get into intense 1v1 and 2v2 battles and show your stuff. With solo or at best paired combat teams, individual skill, reaction speed, and timing are critical. The weird microgravitational and physical influences that act upon you during the fight will add an extra layer of immersion and fun!

Loads Of Weapons - Use weapons of all sorts, in one or both hands, to take your enemies down. Sunblasters, bioguns, and much more let you rain death down on your enemies.