Spacewars: Interstellar Empires, also known simply as Spacewars, is a free to play turn-based tactical online strategy MMO, where real-time travel meets turn-based sci-fi combat. It is the year 2190, and in a region of the Milky Way between the Orion Spur and the Perseus Arm, four spacefaring races have come to dominate the area, with their borders under conflict. The Sol Imperial Worlds (the Humans), Genari United Empire (Sanethi), Ma’Alaketh Confederation (Ma’Ali), and ‘The Hive’ (organic spacefaring creatures) all fight for ultimate control.

Players choose a starting race, and a starting ship, with a customized Captain as their avatar. Through experience gained in combat, capturing regions, or successfully accomplishing missions, they can improve their Captain and Officer skills via an RPG upgrade skill tree, or acquire more powerful ships. It falls to you to help your faction gain total control; are you prepared?

Spacewars: Interstellar Empires Key Features

Choose Your Faction - Will you play as the Sol Imperial Worlds and spread the human-dominated dictatorship across the galaxy, or as the enigmatic Ma’Alaketh Confederation and their advanced technology? Whoever you choose, it will shape your gameplay and strategy!

Wide Array of Ships - Use dozens of different vessels, from speedy attack and escort craft to powerful ships of war, and sweep your opponents away ahead of your advance.

Epic Space Battles - Players can choose to either invade a neighboring region, or defend one that is being invaded, with as simple as 1v1 action, to as many as 20v20 player combat!

RPG Elements - Players earn experience as you play and fight, and you can use this to improve your ships and officers! Once back at a base, players can improve the skills of their key Officers, such as the Helmsman, Science Officer, Tactical Officer, and so on. Each of these officers have multiple sets of potential upgrades which can improve the performance of your ship!

Free To Play - The game will be free to play, where there is full access to the gameplay and universe. Players can purchase unique ship variants in the game's cash shop, but none of these variants will allow a player to outpower their opponents; they simply provide different strategic and tactical options.