Spellbreak is a Battle Royale style shooter set in a fantasy world where the players fling fireballs and lightning bolts in battle until only one wizard is left standing! Choose from eleven different classes of sorcerer, each wielding different types of magic. Do you want to burn your enemies to cinders with fire magic, or perhaps poison them with a toxic cloud? Every character can equip two different powerful magical gauntlets, based on their class, and each gauntlet offers different types of magical attacks. You can even create combos with your gauntlets, unleashing even more potent attacks! If you like Battle Royale type games full of flashy spells and colorful characters, give Spellbreak a try.

Spellbreak Key Features

Magical Mayhem - Blast your enemies with fireballs and ice blasts until only one spell slinger is left standing. Like any good battle royale, you must seek out upgrades and fight for your life... all while time is running out. Can you win the day?

Choose Your Class - Choose from 11 different classes, each of whom comes with different gauntlets and deals different sorts of damage such as fire, ice, poison, and so on. Each class also has powerful passive abilities which can turn the tide of a battle!

Scrolls And Spells - You can equip and upgrade three different scrolls as well, each of which enables you to use your spells in new ways; a fire wielder might be able to heal themselves with fire, for example, by equipping that type of scroll.