Spellforce 3 is a fantasy hybrid of RPG and RTS with an epic storyline, co-op or competitive play, and a vast world to explore. SpellForce 3 goes back to the roots of the famed SpellForce saga. The story takes place before the events in Spellforce: The Order of Dawn and the players becomes a part of a rich high fantasy world named Eo. Choose one of three diverse factions, and set out to make your mark on the land. Explore this vibrant land and uncover its secrets as the story unravels!

Spellforce 3 Key Features

RTS/RPG Mix - Enjoy a unique gameplay combining RTS and Top Down RPG genres!

Create & Customize - Create your own hero and develop his skillset as you prefer. Will you be a human, an elf, or an orc?

Build To Fight - Build your own army and fight epic mass battles with it. You must lead as well as you fight.

Rich Universe & Lore - Explore the world Eo and discover intrigues, secrets and a lot of loot for your hero.

Tactical Battles - Use advanced tactics and intelligently lead your army, and crush your foes in real time.

Epic Solo Story - Long Single Player Campaign of 30+ hours. It does not require the player have played previous Spellforce games to understand the story.

Multiplayer - Strong multiplayer component with various modes - Play cooperatively or compete against each other!