Spellsworn is a competitive PvP arena brawler featuring fast-paced spellcasting matches set on a continuously shrinking arena. Your enemy in Spellsworn is not only the other players, but also the deadly arcane barrier closing in around you. Overcoming all of these obstacles will take timing, quick thinking, and lightning reflexes! Cast an array of spells from multiple disciplines to defeat your enemy, but beware; you have a limited amount of power to draw from! Battle it out with up to eight other players in high powered spell duels that separate the apprentices from the arch-magi. In such a brutal and chaotic world, only those who can adapt and react will be victorious!

NOTE: Spellsworn will move from Steam early access to a free to play live version in March, 2018.

Spellsworn Key Features

Multiplayer Battles - Face off against up to eight other players in either free for all or team-based matches which take place over a series of five rounds. Between rounds, you can change your arsenal by swapping or upgrading spells to switch up the play style and keep things unpredictable.

Lots Of Spells - Cast spells from five different magical disciplines; Offensive, Defensive, Area, Utility, and Travel. Will you destroy your opponents with Fireballs, or will you deflect their own magic back at them with a Counter Pulse?

Deadly Arenas - Battle and brawl through three different arenas, each of which offers unique tactical possibilities - and dangers. Beware; the ever encroaching barrier is as lethal as any enemy player.

Customize And Grow - Gain experience and currency as you battle, earning skins, weapons, and other benefits. Players who want to show off their stuff can also purchase skins and staffs from the in game shop. Do not fear; all items in the cash shop are cosmetic only. The only way to win in Spellsworn is to be the better wizard!