Spellweaver is a free-to-play, online digital trading card game, created by a self-funded indie team of seasoned game developers with a passion for card games. Staying true to the classics of the genre, Spellweaver is executed in a detailed and vivid art style and is set in an original fantasy world. With customizable hero skills that you gain over the course of a battle, interactive combat in which you can choose to counterattack in order to defend or protect key units, and a unique creature attribute called "Speed", which allows for faster units to go past slower units, the game requires lots of strategy and a balanced deck to get you to victory.

Spellweaver Key Features

Hero Development - In the course of a Spellweaver duel, your hero gains levels, increases his or her available mana, and even gains new hero skills by using special cards called shrines.

Unique Creature Attribute - The attribute "Speed" is unlike attributes in other TCGs, and allows your faster creatures to go past slower minions with block.

Deep Mechanics - There is a lot of depth in the way you get to play cards and a lot of careful planning to go accompanied with it, yet the battles are still fast-paced and remain fun and thrilling.

Regular Updates - Not only is the current gameplay lots of fun, new cards and features are constantly being developed and are released with regular updates.

Beautiful Artwork - Awesome gameplay isn't the only thing the game has going for it, as it has a beautiful setting in which the gameplay truly shines.