Sphere III: Enchanted World is a free to play fantasy sandbox MMORPG developed for the most hardcore sorts of MMO players. Filled with nonstop free-target PvP action, Sphere III: Enchanted World immerses players in a world of chaotic battles, of laying siege to great fortresses and sweeping the enemy from the field! However, Siege III: Enchanted World offers plenty of PvE content, too; players can experience an epic story of political maneuvering, war, and deceit, a tale which is woven throughout some 600 hours of gameplay. Raids, Dungeons, and encounters with world bosses offer more PvE challenges for players to encounter and overcome!

Sphere III: Enchanted World Key Features

Absolute Player Freedom - What you do in Sphere III: Enchanted World is up to you, and what every other player does is up to them; will you be friend to all, to some, to none? With PvP zones that cover much of the world, PvP battles can begin almost anywhere!

Character Creation Options - With nine different character classes and several races, players can create and customize their characters to their desires; from a Human Paladin to an Elven Killer to a Demon Priest, you can mix, match, and tweak away! Assign skill points as you desire, to best suit your tastes and playstyle

Dynamic Combat And Targeting - With lack of any target "lock" system, battles are fast paced and skill-focused; hit quality will impact your damage, and player skill will determine whether you hit at all!

Lay Siege To Your Enemies - A large component of PvP within Sphere III: Enchanted World is siege battles over fortified locations. Sieges are brutal and epic in scale, and can be fought in just about every zone, over just about every castle. Can you defend against such an attack, or breach an enemy's defenses and drive them from the field?

Unforgiving But Fair - Player killing is allowed and encouraged across much of the game world, but gathering bad karma from PvP can cause players to lose more gold and items upon death.