Spirit Guardian is a free to play, real time, 3D action mobile MMORPG for iOS and Android which immerses players in an epic battle of good vs evil, of benevolent Spirits facing off against demonic raiders, and the fate of the world depends on the outcome. Players assemble and customize a squad with their favorite heroes from across mythology to fight against the chaotic raiders! How you play is entirely up to you! Players in Spirit Guardian can play with friends, working together to overcome tougher challenges and claim the greatest rewards, or they can step into the ring and face off against one another, fighting in fearsome PvP matchups for fame and glory!

Spirit Guardian Key Features

Mythic Characters - Players can assemble a team of mythological heroes from Odin, to Zeus, to the archangel Michael, to Medusa, and then battle the forces of darkness! Over 70 different heroes ensure that you can always assemble a team to face whatever challenges await, or simply a team of characters who suit your fancy.

Tactical Depth - With customizable characters via the Elemental Affinity and Hero Karma systems and over 300 unique skills, Spirit Guardian offers all the tactical options of classic team based RPGs

Dynamic Game - Spirit Guardian delivers daily events and constant constant content updates; you'll never run out of fun things to do! Explore, PvP, play with friends, collect heroes, and more!