The Splinters of Ares is a trans-media project involving multiple films, an MMORPG, novels, graphic novels and mobile games all spun from a rich, detailed world, Ares. In the World of Ares, players are given choices that will define their character in very personal ways. Splinters of Ares is designed to allow for customized character development and story. Player choices have repercussions. There are also a number of options to get from Point A to Point B. The game eliminated grinding and provide non-combative RPG options to provide a true sandbox world.

The world of Ares stands vigil as the blood of a thousand battles seeps into the soil and the last of the broken war machines have rotted to ruin. The War of Chains is over and the splintered kingdoms, great houses, and trade guilds begin to position for influence. Here, in eye of the storm, a prophecy is whispered from the lips of wizards and unleashes a lingering dread. Ares stands on the threshold of doom and its denizens shall play a part in its liberation or its destruction.

NOTE: As of July 2018, Splinters of Ares' website has not had any new news posts since 2015. Development appears to be abandoned.

Splinters of Ares Key Features

Grind-Free Sandbox MMO - Just do what you wish; advancement will come.

A Morphic World - The world lives and breathes, and changes according to player actions.

Intense PVP Action - PvP is rewarding, but also has very real consequences. Big risks, big rewards.

Faction & Betrayal Engine - Working for a faction is only part of the game; disloyalty also has a place.

Alignment System - Choose your worldview, or allow it to choose you.