Splitgate is an innovative first-person shooter that strives to reimagine combat through the use of player-controlled portals. Fans of the Portal games or X-men's Blink have been calling out for a shooting game with portal-based combat for years. Splitgate delivers with exotic arenas, colourful characters, extensive weaponry, and fast-paced dynamic combat.

It's a free-to-play sci-fi shooter available on PC, PS4, PS5, XBox Series X | S, and Xbox Series One. There are ranked, casual, and custom games available, and a total of 15 different game modes. Playing just one round will make it immediately clear why so many media outlets have described Splitgate as "Halo meets Portal". Gameplay is action packed and intense - players constantly ambush and escape one another across creative arenas such as a missile silo that has been transformed into a nightclub.

Across subsequent seasons of Splitgate, Nevada-based developer 1047 Games will introduce new challenges, weapons, and dynamics to keep the physics-based shooter fresh for its growing player base. Originally having an early access release on Windows and Linux in 2019, Splitgate was fully released across platforms in July 2021.

Splitgate Key Features

  • Innovative Portal Combat - Portals allow for surprise flanking, momentum-based flying, rapid exits, and plenty more ingenious tactics that lead to a whole new world of dynamic combat.

  • Excellent Arenas - From the wrecked alien spacecrafts at Impact to the remnants of a luxury beach resort at Oasis, Splitgate offers a diverse array of creative arenas designed to stimulate engaging combat.

  • Creative Weaponry - Splitgate's near-future armoury is jampacked with weapons players will be eager to try. From fairly standard fare like the carbine and battle rifle, all the way up to the railgun and devastating BFB.