Star Corsairs is a free browser based sci-fi MMORPG developed by the one man coding army Machine 22. Pilot space fighters against aliens and enemy players alike while exploring deep space and asteroid belts, all within your browser. As is expected from Machine 22 the game has a deep crafting system which will keep players busy when they aren't taking over the galaxy. Upgrade and modify your ships to improve their effectiveness in battle and work your way up to owning one of the fearsome capital spaceships. Join friends and form alliance to conquer and control space systems, fun is never far away in Star Corsairs. So hop in and start your engines; your enemies are not going to defeat themselves!

Star Corsairs Key Features

Pilot And Customize Your Own Ship - From sleek fighters to powerful dreadnaughts, and array of ships await your command. You can even customize your ship to suit your playstyle.

Sci Fi Adventure Awaits - Set off to explore the galaxy; will you seek out resources to mine? Or will you battle against hostiles, and stake your claim to space?

Play Together, Fly Together - Take part in group activities, or create your own! Of course, you can even form powerful alliances, and stake your claim to a hunk of space.