Star of Heroes is a free to play browser-based hero collecting tactical RPG and webgame with colorful characters and a wondrous fantasy setting. Warfare in the Star of Heroes realm is neverending, and each and every hero must decide whether to fight as a Sentinel or a Scourge in their daily struggle for survival. Collect your team of heroes and send them out to fight enemies from the opposing factions, but remember that success or failure depends on your skill as a commander! You must use planning and teamwork to maximize your team's power and abilities, and strategy to plan for every contingency. Can you lead your team of heroes to victory?

Star of Heroes Key Features

Collect Your Team - Collect more than 40 different heroes and use them to build your dream team! Upgrade them and their gear, and lead them to victory!

Campaign Mode - Play through the story mode to learn more about the world and the heroes, as well as the basics of strategy and gameplay.

Arena Fights - Fight against friends or random strangers in the arena, and find out who is the better commander!

Play Together - Join a guild for access to special events and items, and to be able to hire guild mercenaries. It's more fun with friends!

Win Rewards - Daily, weekly, and monthly prizes are up for grabs! Assemble your team and go get the spoils of war!