Star Rangers is an open science fiction ‘sandbox’ of the local solar system incorporating NASA content, and with an emphasis on surviving and thriving on worlds other than Earth. The game has been in private alpha on Steam for some time, for its vocal fan base. This first alpha features some 6 maps on Mars, including the Victoria Crater, the Million Mounds area of the Moon, and a best-guess depiction of what it’s like under the ice on Europa. Get into the game and explore space and build on other worlds!

Star Rangers Key Features

Explore The Solar System - Walk on the surface of Mars, bounce across the stark lunar landscape, and even explore the icy depths of Europa. The solar system is vast, full of unexplored places, and is waiting for you.

Developed By Experts - Members of NASA and former astronauts are among those helping shape the development of Star Rangers. This is done to deliver an experience as close to what experts believe these places would really be like as can be done.

High Tech Science - From space suits and spaceships to landing modules and submarines, space exploration is a high-tech business. Use the most cutting edge gear NASA and MIT engineers have dreamed up, and then some!