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Star Realms Star Realms Star Realms Star Realms Star Realms

Star Realms

Star Realms is a strategy deckbuilding game of space combat which melds sci-fi space action with CCG style mechanics. Providing players with a fun and addictive mix of CCG and space strategy for free, and a one-time upgrade allows you to play anytime, anywhere, on any device! Designed by Darwin Kastle and Rob Dougherty of Magic: The Gathering fame, Star Realms has already won numerous awards, including SXSW 2014 Board Game of the Year, and for good reason; it’s simply a good game! Come experience a CCG of stellar proportions!

Star Realms Key Features

Multiplatform – Play on Mac OS/X and Windows via Steam, or play on your favorite Android or iOS device! Wherever you go,  Star Realms is there!

Beautiful Art – The card art and setting sets the scene, providing an immersive and vivid background for the battles to come!

Epic Campaign Mode – Play through a fun campaign mode that introduces the world and its story, with 6 chapters in the free version and 9 more in the upgraded client!

Play Vs. AI – If you do not want to play against players at any time or for whatever reason, no worries; you can always challenge yourself to matches against the AI.

Deckbuilding Strategy – Like all good CCGs, the depth and breadth of the strategic and tactical options are mindboggling; what strategy will you adopt?

Star Realms

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