Star Trek: Alien Domain is an officially-licensed, free-to-play multiplayer online strategy game, playable via web browser. Set in the mysterious extradimensional realm of Fluidic Space, players make strategic decisions to maintain control over limited resources, balance defensive spending with research, establish colonies, and prioritize power distribution for optimal efficiency. Players also have the option to participate in PvP encounters such as one-on-one skirmishes, raids against player-controlled outposts, and large-scale, guild vs. guild Alliance Battles.

Star Trek: Alien Domain Key Features

New Star Trek Story - An epic new story in a massive unexplored universe.

Crafting - Players are able to craft and pilot super-starships created through emerging technologies.

Factions - Each faction's got it's own technology and ships. Next to that players have the opportunity to recruit officers from their respective factions who have also been stranded in space.

Species Old And New - Next to some famous species, there are also some totally new species.

NPC's With Brains - Each NPC has his or her own unique set of skills that will help players in battle, and exploration, by leveling officers, their bonus effects can be improved.

Colonies - Players can create colonies spread trough space and conquer other players their outpost or help them defend against other players.