Star Wars Galaxies is a subscription based sandbox MMORPG set in the iconic Star Wars universe! Players in Star Wars Galaxies can choose from ten species, from Humans to Twi'leks to Wookies, and of nine fun classes ranging from Artisans to Bounty Hunters to force using Jedi, and can then set off to explore space as they have never experienced before! Players in Star Wars Galaxies can freely explore ten fully developed, open world planets, each with more than 50 square kilometers of explorable area, from the lush jungles of Yavin IV to the bleak deserts of Tattooine, Players can take part in the galactic civil war by joining the Empire or the Rebellion, set off into space to take on all comers in fearsome ship to ship combat that was released with the Jump To Lightspeed expansion, train a wide range of fantastic creatures, fight fearsome foes, and live the Star Wars adventure!

Star Wars Galaxies Key Features

In Depth Character Customization - From the exhaustive character creator to the trait and specialization trees, Star Wars Galaxies allows players a remarkable amount of character customization. Truly step into the shoes of a stormtrooper, or pilot, or entertainer, or politician... Star Wars Galaxies truly lets you play how you wish!

Open World PvP - From a player bounty hunting system, to PvP fight for control of cities and bunkers, to combat in space, Star Wars Galaxies allows players open world PvP in literally every part of the game. Fight for your faction, and gain special reward items and abilities as you advance through the ranks!

Deep Crafting System - Crafting in Star Wars Galaxies is a fulltime profession unto itself; a master crafter can produce weapons and items far superior to those made by their competition through use of the best tools, resources, and methods!

Immersive, Player Run World - Every dancer you meet, every medic who treats your wounds, every item you purchase, and every structure you see aside from the major cities and starports is under complete player control. Star Wars Galaxies is a true sandbox, with open worlds, player run economy, player run cities, player run everything!

Step Into The Cockpit - Players can take control of TiE fighters, X Wings, and many other ships, customize their weapons, armor, shields, engines, and more, and carry their adventures into the stars! The fully joystick compatible space component of Star Wars Galaxies could be an MMO unto itself!