Starblast is a browser based MMO science fiction shooter where you take command of a spaceship and shoot, fly, and blast your way through space. Get into your ship and set off to explore the stars! Mine asteroids for precious resources. Increase your stats as you fly and fight. Take command of ever more powerful ships, with new weapons and equipment. Fight against hundreds of other players and steal their precious gems. With thousands of different maps, dozens of different ship models, multiple weapons, game modes, and more, it's a new adventure every time you fly.

Starblast Key Features

More Than 30 Ship Types - The Starblast ship tree offers 31 unique ship models and more than 10 different weapon types and special powers. No matter how you like to fly and fight, you'll find the right ship for the job.

Diverse Gameplay Modes - Be the last ship flying in Survival mode. Defend your station and work alongside your teammates in Team mode. Or, just get into plain old Deathmatch, and be the first to 12 points! More than 200 players can be in a battlefield at a single time, so you'll never lack for targets.

Competition Awaits - Enter the Pro Deathmatch Championship and climb the leaderboards. You might even get into the realm of budding Starblast e-sports, if you've the desire and skill!

Create Your Own World - A Game Editor allows you to create your own custom worlds with custom settings. Create the exact sort of sandbox or arena you've always wanted, and share with your friends.