Starborne is a massively multiplayer grand strategy game designed by ex EVE Online developers, where players build powerful space empires in a faraway galaxy. Starborne offers a new take on the 4X grand strategy genre with the added powerful impact of being a multiplayer game played in real-time. Build your space empire alongside thousands of other players and vie for control of the galaxy. The galaxy is vast, and offers ample resources and room for new civilizations to take hold. However, as those civilizations advance and expand, their resource requirements will push them farther into the stars - and into conflict with other civilizations. The galaxy is yours - if you can claim it.

Starborne Key Features

Definite End Points - Games of Starborne will eventually come to an end, with one alliance of players being declared the winner. To ensure you're among their number, you must choose your allies carefully, plan your expansion and research wisely, and give it your all.

Card Driven Gameplay - Collect a wide variety of cards to upgrade your stations and fleets, gain special bonuses and even change your avatar picture. The collectable card system gives you a lot of options in specializing your empire, adding a great replay value.

Living Universe - The galaxy of Starborne is a vast and vibrant place. Planets and stars, white dwarfs and black holes, rich nebulas and lost alien ruins all await. Explore the map hex by hex; every area has a secret to reveal, and every secret and discovery can be the difference between victory and defeat.