StarBreak is a free to play cooperative MMO Roguelike action/platform game, where you can work together with dozens of other players to explore strange and hostile sci-fi worlds. Each and every world is procedurally generated, so that players will never know what's around the next bend or beyond that next jump. StarBreak provides players with a choice of four different character classes to pick from, enabling players to pick a character which suits them. There is no grinding for experience or levels in StarBreak; instead, fast paced action platforming combat puts the emphasis on skill and cooperation. Explore strange worlds, fight epic bosses, and seek out the coolest loot!

StarBreak Key Features

Four Unique Classes - Classes, called "Shells" in StarBreak, are unlocked by defeating bosses, and each offers a unique playstyle and skill set. Will you pick Wildfire, the long range combat expert, or Ironclad, who can absorb a tremendous amount of punishment?

Equipment - All items get more powerful and behave in completely different ways as you progress through the game. In addition, all loot is automatically shared by everyone; there is no stealing or rolling for loot!

Random Worlds - Each world is generated randomly, giving each world a unique set of enemies and challenges. Every world has unique secrets and treasure to discover, but you'll have to search for it every time; it is never the same twice!

Cooperative Play - Players must work together to overcome challenges and defeat the toughest bosses. Dozens of players can fight together to overcome the most difficult obstacles!