Starfall Tactics is a free to play, real time MMO strategy game of exploration, starship customization, and space combat which takes place in a war torn sci-fi universe devastated by the ongoing conflicts between three rival factions. Starfall Tactics offers players an immersive mix of tactical combat and unit building and customization, all in a persistent, fully explorable and conquerable galaxy. Starfall Tactics focuses more on individual units and smaller, more tactically active battles, rather than huge armies munching up vast swathes of resources. You must be ready to new challenges by customizing your ships, seek out new hulls and parts - and with them, new tactical opportunities - and then combine them with sound strategic and tactical thinking so that you can dominate the battlefield and create a name for yourself among the stars!

Starfall Tactics Game Features

Immense Tactical Depth - With many different types of ships to use, from small frigates to immense dreadnoughts, Starfall Tactics offers enough types of units to satisfy any commander's tactical tastes!

Deep Customization - Everything in Starfall Tactics, including each and every part of your ship, is crafted in game, and can be customized to suit a player's desires and goals. The types of tools you choose will have a profound impact on the tactical approaches open to you, so plan wisely

Play Together - The persistent game setting means that a single battle doesn't decide the game. The struggle for control of the galaxy is ongoing, and you must join with other players, control sections of space, and establish solid industrial pipelines if you wish to secure a place in the galaxy!