Starfighter Inc. puts you in the cockpit of the future in a science-fiction multiplayer space combat simulator for Windows PC. Starfighter Inc., features hardcore shooter gameplay in the spirit of X-Wing vs. TIE-Fighter, but with unprecedented depth and sophistication. The game combines the lethality and permadeath of Counter-Strike with the technical depth and customization of World of Warships. The key difference is that players operate a variety of nuclear-powered single and multi-crew fighters, reconnaissance ships, strike craft, and support ships, with weapons ranging from lasers, railguns, and missiles, to electronic and cyber warfare capabilities.

Starfighter Inc. Key Features

Realistic Space Combat - Starfighter Inc’s setting, ships, weapons, tactics, and even the reasons for conflict are based on believable extrapolations and predictions of what is actually possible in next 150-200 years.

Skill-Based PvP - It’s all about facing a worthy opponent and proving who’s best. Players develop their flight combat skills in a variety of combat scenarios that challenge the mind as much as the reflexes. Players can rise to fame and fortune as they proceed through their mercenary career.

Player Driven - Missions are more than just opportunities to prove your skills, make money, and gain a reputation. Mission outcomes affect the balance of power and allow players to drive the evolving narrative. Thus the player community will collectively have a real effect on the corporate power struggles and politics of the universe!

Full VR Support - VR takes immersion to a whole new level. It’s quite a spectacle to turn your head and see the surroundings change from the seat of your own ship, but it’s quite another to see the world move with you.

Component-Based Damage - Every system on the ship is susceptible to damage and each has a unique effect on gameplay. Shrapnel hit to your maneuvering thrusters? Spend the rest of the battle in an unstable, erratic beast. Main sensor cluster fried by enemy lasers? Looks like you’re limited to the old Mark One Eyeball. Missile hit in the cockpit? Hope the Combat Search & Rescue team is on the ball!

Customize Your Ship - All ships are designed to allow for multiple configurations, payload variations, and technology upgrades affecting nearly every spacecraft and weapons system. During the course of their mercenary career, players will be able to modify and upgrade their ships to improve performance and to explore different tactical configurations.