Starlight Chronicles is a casual 2D Mobile RPG developed by GameSky Global PTE LTD and published by Game Begin. In the game, players embark on an epic adventure in search of treasure. With different classes to choose from and stunning skill effects, players re-live the fun days of adventure RPG! Embark on an epic adventure this new Mystical Realm. The Adventure King has hidden his treasures in mysterious and dangerous places and issues an open challenge to the world, asking those brave enough to seek the whereabouts of his plentiful riches. Enjoy its classic 2D visuals and gameplay, reminiscent of classic side-scrolling MMORPGs.

Starlight Chronicles Key Features

Play Together - Play and trade with your friends on Facebook!

Side-Scrolling Fun - Re-live the memories of classic 2D side-scrolling games, such as MapleStory and Wonderking!

Quests For All - Refined quest system in aiding players to progress in the game without any hassle

Loads Of Loot - Massive number of items for players to equip and gather.

Strut Your Stuff - Equipment will change how your character looks!

Follow The Treasure Map - Secrets hidden in maps, where players must find!

PvP Arena - Battle in the PvP Sky Arena! Get your pets ready for a summoners war!

Pet System - Pets actually aids during combat while performing various tasks for the players!