Starship Assassin is an indie sci-fi 3rd-person MMO arena shooter where your goal is to destroy your opponent's AI core before yours gets wiped out by enemy assassins. Diverse roles will exist in the game, allowing players to choose to play defense, offense, or focus on gathering resources to strengthen their AI core. There are 6 characters to choose from (more to come), and unique skills will be linked with each of them as the game develops. With dedicated servers to reduce lag, 90's throwback graphics, and fast paced arena combat with a focus on fun, Starship Assassin delivers an unforgettable arena shooter experience.

Starship Assassin Key Features

Choose Your Role - Players choose from a variety of characters, each with a special ability that can be used to help the team. For instance, some characters are better for defense, while others are better for offense.

All Your Base - Teams are then tasked with defending their respective bases, located on opposite sides of the arena. To win the game, you must penetrate the defenses of the enemy base and destroy their A.I. Core. Without their Core, the team cannot function.

Tools At Your Disposal - Players have a projectile weapon and a melee weapon to use in combat. Players also have a triple jump ability and dash. You can also find items and secrets across the map. Items have a variety of uses. Gameplay is fast paced, like a good arena shooter should be!