Stationeers is a science fiction space exploration game which lets you build your own space stations, ships, and more, and you can do it all alone, or with friends online! Stationeers is something of a niche game for players who like engineering and physics. Realistic physical, atmospheric, electrical, agricultural, and medical systems are at your fingertips. Use starships to explore the depths of space. Construct stations and outposts to dwell and work in, and upgrade them to enhance their capabilities and comfort. Explore asteroids for resources and untold wealth. You can even build factories in space to produce processed goods! The sky - or the hard vacuum of space, rather - is the limit.

Stationeers Key Features

Detailed Construction System - Well designed electrical, architectural, and atmospheric designs will yield success. Taking your time - and being prepared to fail a few times - is key. The physics engine is unforgiving, but predictable.

Explore And Interact - Various dangerous environments to explore and develop including exotic planets and asteroid belts. The voxel-rendered worlds allow you to interact with them in amazing ways.

Produce Your Own Food - Farm livestock and grow plants, not only for food, but also as a integral part of the station’s atmospherics. Can you grow potatoes on an asteroid, and make Matt Damon jealous?

Alone Or Together - You can play alone, designing and testing things at your own pace. Or you can work together with other players, combining your efforts to tackle tougher challenges and have fun doing so.