Staxel is a voxel-based MMO farming and sandbox game where you build your own farm and work together with other players to build a vibrant world. You are the village's newest resident, a new farmer who has inherited an old, run down farm. Your farm is run down, the land nearly overgrown by the wilderness. It will take dedication and hard work to bring your old farm back to its former glory. Work together with other players to grow and shape the village. The voxel based engine in Staxel lets you truly create a world that is your own. Will you tend to your farm, or branch out and shape the entire world?

Staxel Key Features

Build Your Farm - You start out with an old, run-down home and farmland reclaimed by the wilderness, and you'll need to work hard to bring it back to life. Plant seeds and carefully nurture your crops. Take care of livestock. Perform repairs and make improvements to your farm.

A Vibrant Community - The village is full of interesting and engaging characters, and you're now one of them. Meet and befriend these colorful characters. Perform tasks they ask of you, and earn rewards. Spend money in the village shops and get upgrades for your farm.

Shape Your World - Staxel takes place in a voxel based world, which gives players total freedom to shape and create. Alter your surroundings to create the exact world you want. Shape the village and build it the way you want; or, leave the village behind, and build a world all your own.

Play With Friends - Staxel was designed with multiplayer in mind from day one, so team up and get your buddies working those fields! You can share a farm with your friends or become neighbours in Staxel’s vast world. What can you build if you work together?