Steel Legions is an epic real-time strategy game, featuring dozens of units to command under four factions, locked in everlasting warfare. In Steel Legions, you’ll assume control of an upgradeable steampunk-inspired Battle Tank and sent directly into a war-torn world where precious resources are in limited supply. The simple control scheme and combat mechanics allow for an immediate ‘pick-up-and-play’ experience, placing you into battle within one minute of play. Prepare yourself for combat in this unique steampunk-style world. Take control of the battlefield, and secure victory and glory for your faction!

For decades, four empires have been trapped in everlasting war. These factions, the Pandora Rebels, Tundran Warriors, Golden Territories and Phoenix Empire, battle for crucial resources: steel, steam and oil. In this world of blood and metal, the fates of men and women are decided by epic battles, fought by colossal war machines - tanks equipped with the most powerful weaponry known to man. In their endless battle for supremacy, will you lead your faction to iron-clad victory?

Steel Legions Key Features

Free Browser-Based RTS - No Downloads! No Contracts! Just play the game!

Four Empires At War - Four steampunk-inspired factions battle for supremacy. Who will you join!

Visually Stunning - Steel Legions features rich 3D graphics and unique steampunk style.

Build Your War Machine - Fully customizable and upgradable steampunk war machines!

Fast Paced Gameplay - Conquer the battleground through intense, fast-paced tactical battles!