Stone Rage is an online survival sandbox game set in a harsh prehistoric world, where you can play as a human, Neanderthal, or even as an animal. Every day in this harsh world is a struggle for survival as you battle against dangerous animals, murderous neighbors, changeable weather, and much more. The climate of the world is changing as the coming Ice Age approaches, and you must be prepared. Collect resources from the world around you and use them to craft weapons, clothing, and other items vital to survival. Will you face the dangers alone, or will you team up with others to form a tribe, finding strength and safety in numbers?

Stone Rage Key Features

Vast Prehistoric World - Explore a huge open world map spanning more than 64 square kilometers, across 7 different biomes. Hunt mammoths in the frozen north, explore the steaming jungles of the deep south, and everything in between.

Man Or Beast - Play as a human, Neanderthal, or as any animal you encounter in the world of Stone Rage such as the Mammoth, Sabertooth, Kelenken, Entelodont or Cave Bear.

Craft And Build - Players will be able to craft a variety of items from tools, to clothes, to weapons, to construction items and more from the materials that they are able to gather in the world.

Civilization Or Savagery - You can go it alone, hunting and living off the land, by your wits and skills alone. Or you can team up with other players and form tribes, construct villages, and even establish political systems.