Stonies is a fun mix of tycoon game and life management sim that lets you lead a clan of primitive humans, "Stonies", and help them develop and grow. You will teach your prehistoric kin to hunt, make fire, and build their own village with countless different buildings as they advance from a hunter-gatherer type society to a post neolithic revolution settled society! This world is savage and full of dangers, but with some care and direction, your clan can not only survive, but thrive. Complete tasks, search for food, craft weapons and tools, and watch your Stonies grow. If you're a fan of management style sims, perhaps this is a game for you.

Stonies Key Features

Complete Tasks - You need to direct your charges to complete their tasks, from simple things like smashing rocks and gathering wood, to more complicated things like crafting tools, weapons, and art objects.

Grow Your Village - As your clan advances, their village will grow. You construct and place structures ranging from simple skin tents and cooking fires to more complicated structures like granaries and temples.

Through The Ages - You must teach your Stonies skills, from working leather and wood, to farming and building. Lead them from hunting and gathering to farming and forming a civilization, and watch them thrive along the way.