Storm Riders is a free to play browser MMORPG with a distinctly Eastern feel and setting, a world of Kung-Fu masters, epic quests, and journeys of self discovery and improvement. Players can select one of four characters who are able to control the very elements themselves, in addition to being great warriors. Become a legend of Kung Fu as you overcome obstacles, explore the unknown, and immerse yourself in this delightful fantasy world, steeped in Eastern mysticism and mythology. Play alone or with friends, quest for fantastic treasures against fearsome opponents, and take on all comers in head to head battles to prove your Kung-Fu mastery!

Storm Riders Key Features

Lots Of PvP Options - Storm Riders delivers fast paced, hard hitting PvP action where players can compete as a cohesive team, working together to create a strong whole, or they can be lone wolves, defeating their targets with savagery and skill - which do you prefer?

Unique Characters - Each character not only has unique skills and abilities, but unique backgrounds and stories as well. Will you explore the world of Storm Riders as level-headed Cloud, kind-hearted Wind, Ash the Faithful or Dream the Warrioress? Customize your character to suit your playstyle and tastes!

Online And Offline Play - Play with friends online, teaming up to overcome tough challenges and explore dangerous places, or play in offline mode (aka AFK mode) in which your character can complete quests and get experience points when you're away from your browser. Your character can also meditate while you're away, which gives you Spirit Points used to further your skills.